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Helping to Create
Powerful People for Powerful Positions

"Everyone Wants Power
Make Sure Your Employees or Members Have It

Increase profits with a powerful staff behind all your efforts to succeed. Drena will help empower your staff to want to be successful in your organization in their present position.

After listening to her, your staff should experience the following:
-- Better Working Habits
-- Cooperative Environment
-- Less Absentee
-- Team Togetherness
-- Eagnerness to Succeed
-- Confidence That They Can Succeed

Drena will love to come and speak with your employees or members of your organization and provide any of the following services:

Keynote AddressDrena will give exciting customized speeches to your group to motivate them to gain the power they need to perform their duties successfully.

Consulting and CoachingDrena will also consult with individuals and different departments or teams to improve more specific problems or weak areas within your workplace.  She helps to strengthen them by empowering your staff with specific solutions.

Seminars and WorkshopsDrena has 2-6 hour seminars and 1-3 Day Workshops to help your employees get a deeper understanding of how to empower themselves to their superior's delight.

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