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Herbal Support Classes are taught by Dr. Williams, Herb Specialists, and other Naturopathic Doctors. 

Training at Home/Office

  • Private Consultations.  Every visit to Herbal Support is a learning experience in which you will personally benefit.  To request an appointment, click here.


  • Weight Loss Support Classes.  Learn to lose weight and make natural, healthy, lifestyle adjustments.  For more information, click here.


  • Healthy Supplements Class.  For Dr. Williams' clients only.  Learn how natural supplements work.  Explore herbs and vitamins more closely.   These classes are held one Saturday in each month for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. 


  • Introduction to Herbology:  a 4-Hour class to help people learn about herbs, what they do, and how to use them safely.  This class is given in libraries and hotels throughout the DC Metro Area.  If you would like to be on the waiting list for the next class, Click Here. 


  • Professional Training:  Learn how to help others naturally on different levels.  You could become a Detox Assistant, Herb Specialist, Aromatherapy Spa Party Specialist, Weight Loss Counselor, and even a Natural Health Care Leader.  Subjects include introduction to herbs, the body systems, how to do herb shows, how to put together programs, how to analyze the health concerns of your clients, and how to consult with people.  Your subjects depends on the career path you decide to take.  To learn more about the opportunities available through Dr. Williams' training program, click here.

Training at Your Home/Office/Organization

  • The Herb Show:  Including a seminar entittled "Better Health from Head to Toe" - When individuals give an Herb Show they get $50 of herbal products FREE if at least 10 new people are present.  This is an eye opening seminar and a fun way to introduce natural health care to your family and friends.  You too will experience the good feeling inside when you see that your family and friends have understood that there is another healthier approach to health care and they start looking and feeling better just because they followed one or two suggestions given them at this seminar.

    If you would like Dr. Williams to come to your location and speak with 10 or more of your family and friends, click here.


  • Healthy Fund Raisers - Help your group learn about natural health maintenance and raise money for any function you choose.  This is available for profit and non-profit groups.  We have a wonderful fund raiser for childrens schools already in place.  Parents will learn how do take care of their family naturally and be able to teach their children natural, healthy habits which will benefit them during their lifetime.   


  • Speaker Services:  These services are personalized to focus on motivating your staff to be powerful at what they do.  To bring energy and vitality to individuals and your teams.  A powerful staff produces powerful results and could definitely produce phenominal income for your company or organization.  Included will be problems that might be prevalent in your organization and always including information of how better to take care of themselves to get the best they want to deliver.  Powerful People Create Profitable Organizations.  To learn more, click here

Herbal Support Helps You to Take Charge of Your Health by teaching you to Cleanse and Detox Your Body while Building it in all the right areas.  Get Your Free Gifts.

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Herbal Support Helps You to Take Charge of Your Health by Natural Analyses including Iridology; Natural, Soothing, Body Work including Reflexology; Safe, Effective, and All Natural Nutritional Products including Nature’s Sunshine Products to Cleanse and Detox Your Body while Building it in all the right areas. All Products at the Lowest Possible Wholesale Prices. We carry Natures Sunshine Products including CleanStart, Food Enzymes, Mega Chel; and other natural supplements.  Get Your Free Gifts.