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Weight Management Program


  • Private Weight Loss Consultations and Follow-up Appointments
  • Body Gem® to Discover Your Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Body Typing to Determine Specific Weight Loss Programs
  • Natural Nutritional Program
  • All Natural Supplementation Program
  • Lifestyle Adjustments
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Weight Loss Support Classes

Weight Loss Initial Consultation
Dr. Williams believes that you can lose weight on just about any sensible weight loss program that you consistently use as your tool.  She also believes that keeping the weight off is the biggest challenge; so therefore, that is what she emphasizes most in her weight loss program.  This is because she knows you will lose the weight if you are ready, therefore while you are losing weight, she gives you the skills in lifestyle and attidude adjustments we all need to keep it off.  

Your initial consultation will include getting your resting metabolic rate (RMR), current weight, before picture, your program and a schedule for all your follow-up visits and your Support Class times.

To request your weight loss consultation, click here.

Weight Loss Support Classes

Take It Off and Keep It Off - Naturally!
Learn to lose weight and make natural, healthy, lifestyle adjustments.  These classes focus on the natural ways to take the weight off and keep it off while enjoying a healthier life.  Learn to:

  • Control your weight naturally
  • Plan meals for better, healthier life
  • Get recipies that are fast and nutritous
  • Learn how to cleanse, build and protect your body, naturally
  • Prevent/control blood pressure
  • Prevent/control cholesterol level
  • Prevent/control blood sugar

These are 6 week, join anytime, repeatable (for continued support) classes which are available 2 times per week (1 class in the early morning and 1 class in the evening.  Your weigh-in and Body Gem are done privately. 

To participate in these classes, you must start with a weight loss consultation with Dr. Williams. This consultation (information above) includes your original weigh-in, pictures, and your RMR determined by a Body Gem®. To request your weight loss consultation, click here.