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Herbal Support Fees

Initial Weight Loss Consultation with Body Gem
          $60 original consultation/$30 for follow-up

Full Initial Programs
  • Strategic Prevention Program® - This program is for people who have minor concerns.  They currently feel healthy and are usually able to handle work, family, and social activities with little effort. Many of these people are attaining their dreams and goals and want to stay as healthy as possible to benefit from their achievements.  This approach is considered strategic because you focus on areas of your body that are the most weak by cleansing and building those areas. 

    The initial service for this program is Iridology.  This is an analysis of the iris of the eye for the purpose of discovering areas of the body that might need nutritional support for better functioning of not just that area, but also for better functioning of the entire body.  

    Dr. Williams takes a picture of the iris of both of your eyes and looks at your pictures to learn about your body's nutritional strengths and weaknesses.  Taking a picture allows her to spend quality time to learn where the body needs help from a genetic and lifestyle view.  Iridology gives her a good look at the probable cause of any dis-ease you might have.

  • Fee - $60 for Your Analysis/$60 for Your Consultation
    Follow up Iris Analysis - $60/$45


  • Wellness Enhancement Program® - This program is for people who have just started having pains, dizziness, blurred eyes, shortness of breath, mood swings, and many other symptoms that they want to get under control.  These people may be under more stress than usual and are beginning to feel tired. 

    The initial services for this program are Iridology (explained briefly above) and a Live Blood Analysis.  During this analysis, Dr. Williams looks at a drop of your blood to analyze body's needs from a cellular level.  You get to see your blood on the TV screen as Dr. Williams evaluates your cells for disturbances that could be carried throughout your body.  She then suggests a natural program to help your blood cells look beautiful and healthy again.  When they look healthier, you feel healther. 
  • Fee - $170 for Your Analysis/$75 for Your Consultation
    Total Savings = $60
    (the cost of your iris analysis)
    Bring in your service coupon, save another $20 off your analysis.
              Follow up Live Blood Analysis- $55


  • Ultimate Health Building Program® - This program is for people with health problems that are draining their energy, making them miss days from work, and stopping them from enjoying their daily activities.  These people might have chronic pains and stress; lumps and bumps; problems controlling blood pressure, blood cholesterol, or blood sugar levels; and many other symptoms that they must get under control as soon as possible. 

    The initial services for this program includes:  Iridology, a Live Blood Analysis (both explained briefly above), and a Urine and Saliva Analysis.  Dr. Williams uses the Urine and Saliva Analysis to evaluate the fluid that surrounds your blood cells.  This fluid nurishes each blood cell and gives the cells a place to deposit its waste.  From this analysis, she will learn about your pH balance, your body's ability to detox, if that fluid contains the basic nutrients necessary for a healthy body, how to help your immune system, another check if major organs need nutritional help, and more.  The Urine and Saliva Testing gives Dr. Williams much more information as well as gives another check on the nutritional needs of most the body's major organs.

    Fee - $265 for Your Analysis/$105 for Your Consultation
    Total Savings = $120
    (the cost of your iris analysis w/consultation)
    Bring in your service coupon, save another $20 off your analysis.
    Follow up Urine & Saliva Analysis - $55/$30

  • See the Savings!

    Basic Fees for Initial Services
    These fees are for the 1st time you get the service.  Your follow-up of the services are a lower fee.  After your initial visit, the fee for the services individually are as follows:

    • Iridology - $60 for the Analysis/$60 for the Consultation
    • Live Blood Analysis - $125 for the Analysis/$60 for the Consultation
    • Urine and Saliva - $125 for the Analysis/$60 for the Consultation

    Basic Follow-up Consultations - $30
    Our full pricelist of all assessments and healing methods are posted in our home/office.