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On this page you will find 5 gifts especially for our new visitors, but you may come back here as often as you like.

We appreciate that you might be thinking about making natural changes in your lifestyle or have already made changes that have been helpful in making your life a more vibrant one.  Whatever your situation, we could always use more information.

Your Gift #1 - Free Health Analyzer

Your Gift #2 - Discount on Services at Dr. Williams' Office. 

Your Gift #3 - Discounts on Products Online.  When you go to our individual product sites, you will find that our prices are set for you to get the lowest wholesale price when you order through our sites.

Your Gift #4 - Articles that were written by Dr. Williams and published in Your Health Magazine.

Your Gift #5 - 4 transcripts from Dr. Williams' Wholistic Lifestyle Radio Show.  It is so special that you get this because  the lifesaving information information contained in these transcripts makes them extremely valuable to all who read them.  And, only her radio show audience has benefited from this information before January 2004.  The topics are:

  1. Discovery of a Wholistic Life
  2. Can Drinking Water Benefit You?
  3. Energize with a Healthy Digestive System
  4. Colon Cleansing Essential to Good Health

    Wholistic Care for Circulation (Bonus)


To receive your transcripts, please fill out our New Visitor Survey below.  After completing this short survey, you will be sent your own special code that you can copy and paste in the password boxes of each show.  Keep your password so that you can come back over and over, without filling out this survey again.

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