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Business Opportunities

If you are interested in a career in the natural health field, Dr. Williams and other trainers can help you gain knowledge and build skills along with the confidence to start helping others quickly. 

Learn how to help others naturally on different levels.  You could become a Detox Assistant, Herb Specialist, Aromatherapy Spa Party Specialist, Weight Loss Counselor, and even a Natural Health Care Leader.  Subjects include introduction to herbs, the body systems, how to do herb shows, how to put together programs, how to analyze the health concerns of your clients, and how to consult with people.  Your subjects depends on the career path you decide to take.  You can decide based on:

What You Would Enjoy Doing

Detox Assistant - 1 Day Class Packed with information.

Herb Specialist - 1 Hour per Week for 7 Weeks Teleconference w/homework.

Other Positions Offered

  • Healthy Testing Consultant - Coming Soon
  • Aromatherapy Spa Party Specialist
  • Weight Loss Counselor - Available after completing the Herb Specialist Class
  • Natural Health Care Leader - Available after completing the Herb Specialist Class

What Company
These are 4 great companies with excellent products and compensation plans.  Please do not just sign up in Nature's Sunshine Products or Nutronix.  We work as a team and have a great Sponsor than is just waiting to help you suceed.  Therefore, Please email me

Nature's Sunshine Products

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Ideal Health


Your training does not stop with any of these classes.  We have a great network of leaders and trainers who want to help you succeed and will be available (along with Dr. Williams) to help you as new situations come up. 

Soon, we will also have a regular teleconference where you will be able to ask questions regarding situations you encountered during the week.  This will help everyone learn about the probable solutions.