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Follow-up Appointments

At Herbal Support, there is a support program that gives clients who want lasting benefits the personal guidance they need.  On your follow-up visits, receive priceless information and skills regarding your eating habits, natural nutritional needs, exercise, sleep, work, and play.  Also, learn natural ways to help many types of constant pains including headaches and back pain.  You can use this information the rest of your life while maintaining your good health safely and naturally. 

Between scheduled appointments, our clients may feel free to call Dr. Williams anytime for clarification or advice - with no charge.

Each follow-up appointment might include the following:

An assessments to measure your progress in one of the following ways:
     Lab Assessment
     Physical Assessment
     Paper Assessment

A healing method with consultation to speed your progress in one of the following ways:

More Information on Assessments and Healing Methods, click here