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Service Disclaimer

As part of your health care team, Dr. Williams does not diagnosis or perform any function of a professional in any licensed field.   She evaluates by assessing the challenge through her services and creating natural programs which include natural nutrition (very different from registered nutritionist's nutritional plans).  Even though her definite goal is to resolve or at least lessen the challenge to a state where drugs are no longer needed, Dr. Williams does not prescribe, suggest, or recommend programs for any specific disease condition. And, she does not take her clients off their medication/drugs. 
She does teach her clients a healthier lifestyle and how to better communicate with their medical doctors and other licensed professionals, who eventually realize through the appropriate testing that the medications are no longer needed.

She helps her clients avoid medical emergencies relating to their dis-ease by educating them on the probable causes of their dis-ease.  Her clients are taught that if those probable causes are not decreased, the intensity of the dis-ease may increase. 

She loves to work with the whole person, helping them to have a better quality of life.