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1 Oct 2003

Are Toxins Causing Your Pain? – A Natural View

by Drena Y. Williams, N.D. - Your Naturopathic Doctor

Herbal Support, Capitol Heights, MD

Do you have a pain that cannot be explained and will not go away?  Then toxins may be causing your pain!  Toxins are particles in the blood that the body cannot identify or process effectively. They stay in the bloodstream longer and start settling in the areas of the body that are weaker because of genetics or past lifestyle.  They eventually cause discomfort that might escalate to minor or severe pain.  Sometimes the pain can be all over the body since the toxins can start to weaken the arteries and veins, immune system, as well as the structure of the nervous system, muscles and joints.

Eliminating the toxic factor in a painful situation could save you dollars, time, friendships, job security, and love.  Almost all pains start small, but pain can ruin financial and social goals when it gets out of control.  Many people who believe in natural health maintenance understand that the first way to help the body with certain pains is to eliminate as much toxic matter as possible and feed the body with pure natural foods to build the compromised areas.

These toxins can come from a variety of sources.  Some main sources of toxins are 1) the air we breathe since it can contain industrial pollutants, smoke from cigarettes, and car exhaust fumes; 2) household cleansers since they can seep into our bloodstream through our skin; 3) food preservatives which are usually foreign to the bloodstream; and 4) Poor Elimination of these toxins which makes them stay in the body longer causing more tissue destruction.  Anyone who experiences any kind of discomfort or pain on a regular basis should consider decreasing these sources and eliminating the toxins already accumulated in your body as soon as possible. Depending on your needs it might be appropriate for you to go to a health professional who can give you a natural program that is unique to your body condition and concerns.


A good program to eliminate the toxins should include:  1) a good natural nutritional program which usually eliminates at the least, all the white stuff (refined sugar, dairy, white flour, white rice/noodles and potatoes) and includes more natural satisfying whole foods, giving us more complex carbohydrates, less fat and quality proteins;  2) an efficient natural supplement program since our eliminative organs, lungs, kidneys, colon and skin may need extra help to release most toxins efficiently;  and 3) a rest and exercise program.

Start a program now, if you do not want the toxic cells to destroy your body and cause you pain.  Get professional help for greater success.  Remember, when you eliminate toxins from the body, those toxins that are gone will not be able to penetrate the tissues of your organs or glands causing discomfort and pain.  Those toxins will not be able to contribute to polyps, cysts, tumors, or cancer! Those toxins will be gone.  Think of the wonderful results.  A healthier you without pain caused by toxins!  Contact your Naturopathic Doctor or other Natural Health Professional today.

Drena Y. Williams