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Our Natural Guarantee
Home/Office Refund Policy:

Product Refund: 
You Can Return Any Product That You Purchased From Herbal Support's Home/Office within 30 days.  Any online purchases can be returned to their respective company for a refund based on the company's individual return policy.  Each company is fair in their policy. Please read the refund policies before your online product purchase.

Service Refund:  When is the last time you got a refund on services from anyone because you were not satisified?  At this time, we are one of the few companies in the United States that are confident enough in our client's results to also give a refund on some of the services performed.

Although Dr. Williams is confident with every program she formulates for a client, we take this extra step when you take the best step.  This Service Refund is only available for clients who decide they want to receive the Ultimate Health Building Program as their initial services through Herbal Support.  This program allows Dr. Williams to evaluate your needs from 3 different prospectives, which enables her to give you a more precise program. 

How long have you had your health concern?  Months?  Years?  Is it getting better?  Is it getting worse?  We can offer our refund guarantee since most of our clients are very satisfied with the improvement they are able to achieve in their health within weeks of taking their original natural program through us.  After a few weeks on their program, our clients feel enough improvement to realize their program has wonderful benefits for them and they want to continue.  We encourage everyone to - "Keep Up the Good Work!  See Just How Good You Can Feel."

Our goal is to help as many people as possible feel better faster. We have even helped numerous people to date to avoid such problems as disability retirement, which can be devastating to a family. Therefore, we offer our guarantee with confidence in your personal health achievements when you follow one of our programs. We feel that everyone should have a natural health care professional on his or her health care team to help speed his or her progression towards better health. We want you to have a better quality of health and be able to accomplish your dreams. Our only request is that you give your experience into your natural health program a reasonable chance for success.

Coverage:  Each of Your Follow-up Appointments
Full details and any conditions are given before your initial services.











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