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Hopefully it's because: 

  • You care about others.
  • You realize that everyone should have someone on their health care team that can help them in a safe, effective, and all natural way.  Therefore, you want your family and friends to see how much better Drena Williams, can make them feel.
  • Just like you, they will be able to take advantage of our WEBSITE GRAND OPENING New Visitor Gifts.

          Gift #1 - Free Health Analyzer
          Gift #2 - Discounts for Services
          Gift #3 -
Discount for Products
          Gift #4 -
          Gift #5 - Wholistic Lifestyle Radio Show (Password Protected)

When you send 12 people to our site who fill out our short survey and put your name in as the person who referred them, you will receive the following:

  • You get 6 great aromatherapy recipes.

               Sensual Bath Recipe
               After-Bath Moisturizing Oil
               Antioxidant Moisturizer and Age Spot Prevention Hand and Face Cream
               Seaweed Body Wrap Spa Treatment
               Easy Cellulite Gel
               Thinning Hair Help


All New Visitor Surveys must be filled out by February 29, 2004.  If we decide to keep this going for another month, your referrals from February will be added to your March to give you the credit for all of your referrals.

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