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I hope my experience has moved you to help others, at least by recommending this site.  The Natural Health Field is wonderful and some professionals in this field are doing things that most medical doctors can even imagine. Ex. my medical doctor could not imagine that the lupus would ever, not show up in my blood.  He's still my doctor today since, I believe he really didn't know that I could be helped with an herbal program.  I also believe he did the very best for me, from a medical view. 

No one wants their family or friends to suffer, especially if it can be avoided.  After doing what my medical doctor told me to do for 9 1/2 years, I got better in 3 months by taking a natural program.  Before then, I was constantly getting worse and I was excepting that since, that's what the medical field tells us about lupus.  I know, I almost died.  When was I going to decide that what my doctor was advising wasn't working?  What if someone has showed me a story like mine when I received my first herbal program.  That might have made a difference.  It might have been harder for my doctor to convience to not to try it.  I'm happy that I finally tried a natural program. 

Thank you for sharing this information with everyone you know, even if they do not appear to need any help.  It might lead them to make a change, in the way they view their current health care program, that could lead them to significantly improve their health. 







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